Thursday, November 08, 2012

Our Meerkat

Oh my heart. I've wanted a babe for so long and I dreamed of the crazy things he might do or I might dress him up in but I can say I never thought that on my baby's first Halloween he'd be a meerkat or that I'd unashamedly have him wear the hat from his costume all around. But he was and it was the best. The meerkat costume idea came from his excitement at seeing the meerkats at the zoo on his first zoo trip. It's been a continual quick "cheer up" trick to pull out a YouTube video of meerkats playing when he's fussy. But I mean just look at this kid... I can't even imagine the fun we're going to have in the years to come!

Testing out the costume when it arrived.
Behr the Meerkat in his very secret fort.
The Meerkat at play.
My sweet Meerkat. 
Blessed. Just so blessed. I love my boys.
Life with friends just makes everything more fun. Here's to the first of hopefully many Halloween adventures with these buddies. At this point in the evening I think Behr was about ready to be done wearing his suit, Edy was ready for some snuggles and sleep, and A was ready for more candy and less babies. ;-)
The little meerkat watching for trick-or-treaters. Sweet boy loved the kids coming to the door but was definitely perplexed why no one came in to play--and kept a close eye on where I would put the candy bowl down...

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A.T. said...

that first of the CUTEST THINGS I'VE EVER SEEN!