Wednesday, June 06, 2012


The last six months have been the funnest, sleepiest, messiest, and fastest months of my life. I love being a mommy. I love being a mommy to Behr. I love watching my husband as a daddy. It's Behr is fun. He's silly. He's chattery. He's drooly and not very gentle (especially with hair). But oh goodness is life as parents fun! I can't believe we've already been holding and loving this little dude for six months and know the next six (and years after!) are simply going to fly but I wish I could bottle up some of the silly moments, the messy moments, and even the sleepy moments to remember forever.

Because Dre's schedule will be all over the place for most of our kiddos' early years we've been thinking ahead of little things we can do or memories we can make for them that are special even if it's a Wednesday adventure rather than a Saturday sports game with Dad. (He'll likely work weekends and most holidays at least for a while.) We thought it would be fun if we celebrated the kids' (hopefully more than just Behr!) "half birthdays" every year. Nothing big just a special cake and a trip to the Dollar Store with Dada to pick out a treat. Behr's a little too young to be trusted with Dollar Store toys so he went to Target with Dada and "picked out" a nice classic baby toy. (According to Dre he "leaned" for the toy and fussed when he had to surrender it at check out. This kid.) So we'll see. We know we're first time parents and completely infatuated with our little dude but hopefully this is a simple thing we can do in years to come, with children to come, to communicate that they are special and a joy to their mom and dad.

Behr's half-a-cake for his half-a-birthday. This one Mommy and Daddy (and Daniel/Doug) ate after our dinner. Behr smashed his hand in it and really wanted to know what it was. Soon little son, soon.

Since he couldn't have the 'real' cake I 'made' Behr a cake he could get messy with and enjoy: a lovely half avocado! We started solids a few weeks ago but took a break because sweet potatoes (or food?) seemed to unsettle his stomach. This week we're back at it and Behr is enjoying avocado so far. He likes to talk while he eats which makes the mess a lot bigger but it's pretty darn cute so whatcha gonna do.

The toy Behr "picked out" at Target with Dada today. He sat on the couch and played with it for a good 45 minutes after he was ready for bed so I guess that's a solid indication he really likes it.

Messy avocado face. We love you silly Behr!


Janet said...

happy half birthday to my favoritest little boy in the whole world. I love you!

Lydia Jane said...

Happy Half Birfday sweet Behr!!

Cara said...

You are the sweetest little family ever. I so enjoy how you enjoy your boys, Becca.

I'm Kristen said...

You're the greatest mommy. I hope I can get my habits together and execute my love for my family like you do :D And little Behr tooootally knows how awesome you are. I love you! And the half-birthday boy!