Friday, January 06, 2012

One Month of Behr

Week 1 // My favorite little monkey pose, all folded up. I love special mama-baby snuggles in the morning. This is the closest to capturing my favorite little "old man" face that he makes that I've gotten.

Week 2 // His first bath in his little PujTub which he loves. As soon as he's in there he just sits and stares at everything in the kitchen and sucks on his fingers.

Week 3 // Looking so big and starting to put on a little chunk.

Christmas Day 2011

To celebrate his third week of life (and Christmas) Behr made his first road trip and went up to Long Island to spend time with his Great Grandpa and Grandma. It was a sweet trip with lots of memories including meeting family, his first hotel stay, rest stop adventures and...

Visiting Rockefeller Center on his 3 week "birthday". Behr has a very adventurous daddy--and none of his siblings will get such a special trip. It was a little much for mommy.

Snuggle bug in the Holiday Inn Express.

Week 4 // Rocking his special gnome top from Aunt Squama's trip to France this summer.
And yesterday, one day shy of one month, we got our first genuine smiles! Love this little face oh so much! Can't believe how much he's grown and changed already and can't wait to watch as he keeps growing and making us love him more and more.

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RKP said...

So glad the gnomes didn't eat him. ;)