Sunday, November 06, 2011

Closer & Closer

The landmarks that have been staring at me on our calendar are getting crossed off...

PC Kristen
- Baby Shower. Jan and Kristen with help from Bunny and generous friends threw me an overwhelming baby shower. I mean really. Overwhelming. It was beautiful, the food was delicious, the presents were ridiculous, and the amount of love and excitement surrounding us was just unbelievable. I'm so grateful I'm still speechless three weeks later.
- Hospital Tour. We "toured" Shady Grove Hospital's maternity center today after church. It was boring (as expected) but at the same time exciting and surreal. Lord-willing the next time we're on that floor and at the hospital it will be to have our little man and then to bring him home with us.
- Classes. Our last birthing class is tomorrow afternoon which I guess means we're officially certified as ready to have a baby or something. It has been very helpful though and I can't recommend our instructor enough. We're both going to miss our weekly visits at her house. I'm grateful for the way Dre has jumped into learning about the birth process and what to (hopefully) expect.

- Nursery. It's almost, almost done. Just a few more things to tweak and then I'll do a special "reveal" post on here. I love it; it's come together just the way I wanted/pictured it. Every member of our little home finds themselves wandering in there to sit and look at tiny clothes and tiny socks. It's just the best room in the house.
- Belly. And then there's this guy growing and growing and kicking and kicking away. I just can't wait to see his face. Any time now... and goodness. Who knew my belly could expand this much!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Big!!

Cara said...
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Cara said...

OK, Becca, I deleted my last comment because I misspelled your name! Can I blame it on pregnancy??

Just wanted to say that I think your "big" belly is adorable, and I can't wait to see pictures of your new little guy some day soon. Maybe he'll be in the same Discovery Land classes as our #4...