Saturday, October 08, 2011

Bigger & Bigger

Little Monkey is getting bigger and bigger! I was looking at pics from the last few months and found the addition he's added to my front pretty amazing. It's incredible that I get this sweet privilege of growing a little human. :-)

  • Baby's favorite (or is it possible least favorite? I go with the former) music seems to be Mumford and Sons. It's the oddest yet cutest thing. If I'm listening to Pandora he starts kicking when Mumford comes on and lately his daddy puts Mumford and Sons on in the car or the house all the time just to see him moving around.
  • His kicks are sure getting stronger! And his favorite trick is to find a nook and ball himself up (or something like that). The other day it looked like I had half of a softball sticking out of my side just below my ribs from the way he had positioned himself. Such a little nut.
  • I love how he already interacts with Dre. He certainly knows his voice and often will start buzzing about when Dre enters the room. Dre's face when LittleBoy kicks back at his pokes or rolls around under his hand is one of the sweetest memories I'll always have of this time in our lives.
  • I not only weigh more than I ever have in my life I am certainly eating wayyyyy more than I ever have before. It's ridiculous but praise the Lord food tastes good these days.
  • The nursery is about 70% done and I love it. I walk in and look at it every morning before I go downstairs. Thanks to my dear hubby and Kristen for their help in accomplishing my crazy schemes with painting and helping my crazy pregnant self chill out when I felt like everything needed to get done one particular Thursday. (Hormones are nuts.)
  • We'll be 32 weeks tomorrow and only 8 weeks away (give or take on either side) from meeting this little guy. I can't wait to see what he looks like and hold him for real. I keep commenting that this little boy is not only a welcome first born for our family but just such a wonderfully anticipated and prayed for babe. I am so grateful for the gift he's already been to me and his daddy. 

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