Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hemmed Pants

A few months ago I realized that I had amassed a few pairs too many of pants that were too long for me and sitting in a pile waiting for me to either take them to a tailor or bother hemming them myself. It's not that I have a compulsive need to buy pants it's just when I see a nice pair of pants in my size for $7 I find it hard to say no. Well with Andree in Oklahoma and me in Maryland it was time to tackle a few projects and at the top of the list was hemming my pants to freshen up the ol' wardrobe. My grandparents gave me a great sewing machine last Christmas and with the extra time I had no excuse. Serendipitously THIS brilliant technique came up on my GoogleReader and I was set. Seriously this "trick" is the best out there. It was well-worth taking the time to be sure both legs were even and straight (let's just say I can be an impatient sewer) because the actual sewing was so much easier than I had previously experienced. And the end result felt like getting free pants! 

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