Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recent House Projects 2 of 2

Well, my second house project may have improved the look of our bedroom aesthetically but it didn't improve it's photogenic-ness. The walls are not actually this odd yellow; they're a creamy/off-white color.

So my second house project was making curtains and dressing up our bedroom. I didn't do anything fancy. I bought a blue and brown patterned fabric and hemmed each side with a loop at the top to thread the curtain rod through. To give the curtain some shape I used a dark brown ribbon loosely tied to hold the curtain. If we want the room darker we can just take off the ribbon and cover the window completely.

The other thing I did was adopt my idea from Valentine's Day for the bedroom and hung up a mirror to add to the wall. You can see that the wall decor for the opposite wall is Dre's row of sweatshirts and baseball hats. ;-) I wanted what you could see from the doorway to be a bit more attractive.

As I made one last walk through Jo-Ann's I spotted these guys on clearance and gave into an impulse by that I'm pretty happy with. :-)
I'd seen on blogs and on etsy how wall decals are like the next big thing and pretty cool for a nice and easy removable way to decorate a room. And now we have little bird friends on our walls. I may not like birds indoors for most reasons but for decoration it's ok.
I think I'd enjoy the wall decal more down the road when I figure something out more in our style and maybe for Bacon's room or something specific but as a test run of how these look and work, I'm pretty satisfied.


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