Sunday, November 08, 2009

Squirrels Like Baseball Too

Well now that the World Series has ended I have to admit I actually kind of miss the non-stop baseball watching in this house. (Oh don't worry. We're not confused. We know the Nats weren't in the Series. We found ourselves in an odd position of having to choose to root for the Yankees or the Phillies. Andree's heart in particular was very conflicted.)

Our dear friend and pretend-extended-family-member Rach (aka the Squama) showed this crazy squirrel to us (found on the Mental_Floss Blog) and considering it was perhaps one of maybe five YouTube videos Dre's actually ever willingly watched I thought it was blog worthy. We haven't seen anything this exciting at a Nats game. Sometimes there are giant owls with handlers at the stadium but that just frightens me. A lot. I'd rather seen a crazy squirrel try and do the army crawl.

Enjoy! :-)

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