Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Blog Fail

Seriously. I feel almost guilty to not update more. I'm grateful to be busy living 'real life' rather than here in blogger land but I do miss it. And praise Jesus for GoogleReader cuz I'd never have time to see any other blogs if not for that tool. Even with it I usually only get to "catch up" on my blogs on the weekend.

Life is busy in the Klessmas Nest. I feel like every year I think I'm/we're busier than we've ever been and that it's going to slow down sometime. My mom always says that life will just keep getting busier.

In an attempt to find more hours in my day I've been attempting to wake up a wee bit earlier in the morning and actually start my day with God's Word and a shower. (My habit since forever had been to have a quiet time at night or at my lunch break and it served me well until probably the last year or so when it's just been too busy for those times to be meaningful or unhurried.) If you know me you know how much I absolutely love waking up in the morning but God has encouraged my feeble attempts much by consistently making me aware of His presence and nearness in the mornings. Sometimes I've wished I got up even earlier so I could have more time with Him! (Baby steps.) Thanks to the dearest of all DeeJam's for being my wake-up call every week day morning and helping me get out of dreamland. (Seriously friend. Thank you. I don't know how I would do this without your little cheerful greeting each morning.)

So that's the mornings. The rest of my day is spent working for my favorite (second favorite? Do I have to choose?) church on earth: Sovereign Grace Church of Frederick. I love my job more than I can express. My bosses are the best. The people are the kindest and wonderful examples to me of believers who desire to know God more, glorify Him with their lives, and build a community that stands out for the way they live out the gospel. I can't believe I get paid to spend my days sending emails, answering the phone, and making copies. (And whatever else it is I do. ;-)) And that I get to do it from home! It's been rather busy the last few weeks but every now and then I have to admit to taking slight advantage of working from home and being able to throw in a load of laundry, prep dinner, or even take a nap (gasp!) on my lunch break.

And then at night it's either KG, hanging out with KG friends (only on rare occasions watching LOST with them fortunately or unfortunately), meetings, dinners with friends, catching up on recorded TV with Squama, or the rare night in with nothing to do but smile at each other. I love our very busy life because we get to spend it with the most wonderful people.

So if I'm not updating that's where you can find us, living! But hopefully I'll do a better job updating but no promises. :-)

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