Thursday, December 06, 2007

What a week!

Whew! It felt like the start of December took forever to get here (the week after Thanksgiving was 'slow' in a wonderful sort of way somehow) but now that it's here it's flying by!

In light of the end of November never seeming to end I started decorating for Christmas last Thursday night by crafting up a Christmas chain and some paper ornaments that are hanging on our doors. Can you believe that Andree never made a Christmas chain in elementary school? He clearly did not have Mrs. Griney. I can't even exaggerate how long the chains we made in her class were. They were massive.
Friday morning of last week Conner ("King Conner" in this picture) got to meet Dronkey who he calls "Donkey" (and wonders why Andree thinks he's alive). We were blessed to be able to watch the boys while Denny and April were at the hospital welcoming into the world the newest Snyder little man, Elijah Lee.The bulk of the day Saturday was spent celebrating the Lord's sovereign hand in bringing together Nathan and Patricia now-Sasser. Their relationship has been a wonderful example to all of us watching of the almost magical truth that God is the author of relationships. We all knew it "had to happen" when even the Ky was silent. ;-)Saturday night "the crew" (who has expanded to include Rachael and Jenn often enough--and of course Ricky and Carly when they're in town) came over to our place for some 'nog, Christmas tree decorating, and Elf. Rachael and I gave Andree some helpful direction in putting up the tree nice and straight--until we eventually gave up and realized that the tree grew crooked. It's lovely in a homely sort of way.
Carl Lee helped me trim it up all nice. I can't believe how many ornaments I have amassed in just two Christmases with my own tree--but really I own 90% of my ornaments to the tradition my parents had of giving us girls an ornament each year. The other 10% (that aren't bought on clearance at the end of the holidays at Target) are from my mother-in-law's Hallmark Gold Crown membership after Christmas deals.I've realized that I've adopted my parents' annual-ornament-giving tradition for my husband. Last year he got a surprise Redskins ornament. This year it was exciting to let him open his first Christmas present from under the tree and see his smile at finding Dimitri Young, Ryan Zimmerman, and Chad Cordero inside the box. Here's the Dronks with Carly ("Carl Lee") enjoying a candle lite dinner. (J-Mo, they took this just for you... but I don't know what Dronkey would do if you both were in town at the same time. His stuffing might explode!)Finally to end the week Dronkey had his first adventure in the snow! He thought it was cold and wet but I think he liked it. Andree almost literally hates the snow. I love it--for a short while. Real snow like what came down yesterday (unfortunately the ground was ice) is so beautiful. And I don't have a picture to prove it but we really should document on here that Andree has been to not one but two Redskins' games this week. He went to the Bills' game on Sunday and is on his way home from the Bears' game now. What a treat for my love! I'm so grateful that God provided this opportunity to him this week. Edit: Andree reminded me that he had faithfully text messaged me a picture from each game and asked me to put these up. :-)
My darling skinny boy in his Redskins gear at the game on Sunday. (Redskins baseball hat, Redskins jersey, Redskins sweatshirt underneath, and Redskins jacket somewhere handy.)
Please note the Redskins player front and center: Rock Cartwright, our someday-future son's namesake. Grandma Price is really excited about that one. ;-)


Jose & Rebekah said...

Wow, it sounds like you two are busy...but in a wonderful way! I do remember those massively huge paper chains with Mrs. Griney :) What fun!

Jean said...

hey, we have that same nats ornament! doc and dre are both kinda, uh, weird that way. :)

Jackie said...

All right, I have NO idea who you guys are... *but* I googled "dronkey" and your blog came up. I also have a stuffed dronkey and I am obsessed with him, and what you guys do with yours is SOOO cute. Just wanted to tell you I enjoy it.:)

April said...

You fully captured the essence of our dear Conner in that picture :)