Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Merry Adventures of Kless Group # 809

Tonight in lieu of a regular meeting Andree and I decided that these hard-working college students facing their first finals deserved something special: cookie decorating! Last night for date night Andree and I made a couple dozen sugar and gingerbread cookies (or tried to. Andree got a little creative and was "retired" to the other room.). Tonight after clearing away the dinner dishes we mixed up some icing and went to work. The end result is several dozen lovely cookies--and some odd ones, including a PacMan character gone mad that ate a gingerbread woman's head off. Andree and I both enjoyed laughing and watching our friends get to know each other and their cookie decorating quirks. Lydia is more assertive with cookies than anyone I know. And Katie has a dangerous love for icing. (Lydia: "Katie, you make a porcupine!" Katie: "Ok but I'm going to eat it." Lydia looks at her like she's joking and hands the cookie over. Katie squeezes some random piles of icing onto it. Looks Lydia straight in the eye and munches away... Maybe you had to be there but soooo good!) Anyways, you guys are the greatest! We're praying for your finals, missed those of you who weren't able to make it, and can't wait until the next time we spend with you all!

This is Andreecito's first cookie. Notice the bite mark? Not a bite: it's a carport.
One of the examples of a "creative" gingerbread man. He's drowning in the ocean. (Wish I had a good picture of the PacMan-eating-a-gingerbread-girl combo or of the "poor guy" who has had a very time in the hospital.)

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