Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Where Have We Been?

We really can't believe it's May already!! So much so that I keep writing June in my journal whenever I write in it. (Puck, I found more instances of me wrong-dating AND reading the wrong Morning and Evening. What on earth?!) April was by far the busiest month we've had since our wedding and we wanted to post a quick snapshot of all we did and saw--if you haven't seen us lately or missed us, this is why. We promise we weren't avoiding you...

  • After a fun and also sorrowful weekend in New York the first week of April we came home to practically take up residence at Covenant Life for the SGM Leadership Conference. While rocking sweet new t-shirts designed by the one and only Matty-Matt we served at the conference bookstore from 9am-11pm every day. It was a great break from the normal routine of a work week as we served alongside some of our best friends, the Remsnyders, got to be buddies with the coolest dude we've ever met from Nah'Or'leans, watched our favorite Drewbie lead with skill and wisdom, and were well fed by SGM all the Krispy Kremes we could eat and the occasional real meal. :-) Plus the added highlight of getting to interact with the pastors we admire and respect from all over Sovereign Grace.
  • Andree got a new job. (More on that to come. He has two jobs now. What a hard-worker!)
  • On a quiet night at home we were surprised to see Doc Mays' phone number ringing on the caller ID. After deciding that they might not be dialing the wrong number Andree answered and we were both floored by their thoughtfulness and generosity when we were invited to go to a Nats' game with the family. There are few things that my husband loves less than the DC area and its sports teams. We had a great night out with the Mays' and Andree especially enjoyed getting to know Doc Mays more.

  • We took a road trip up to Orchard Park, New York (near Buffalo) with Dad Kless and Clarisa to spend a weekend with Grandma Kless. We had a great time seeing the sites where Dad grew up and where Grandma grew up. (A lot has changed since they were young!) Highlights are obvious: Becca's first trip to Niagara Falls, family dinners at Taffy's hot dog stand and for wings at Duff's, and of course, seeing Uncle Dave's hot new Charger. (I think it's a guy thing. I thought the car was nice but couldn't quite appreciate it as much as Andree and Dave.)
  • Sovereign Grace Church of Frederick took over our home for a few days as Becca prepared for the kick-off of their first course of Starting Point (aka their first new members' class). We also enjoyed being able to visit the church again and see all the wonderful people who make Becca's job such a joy. It's amazing to see how that church is growing! The kitchen table was held hostage by Starting Point materials as Becca made up packets.--Praise God for the amazing growth in that church's midst!
  • Finally this past weekend where we hosted a special surprise party for the one and only Ky-B Ky. There truly is no one like him in the world and we enjoyed spending the evening with our friends and being grateful for the young man who has brought together so many different groups of people. (We love you duuuuuu-de!)
Andree being "soooo nervous" as he waited for Kyle to walk through the door. (He's cute like that.)Birthday boy!

That catches us up to the present! If we disappear again don't worry. We have a busy end of the month coming up with a road trip to NA'07 with Mr. and Mrs. Sethasaurous. And then spending a romantic weekend away together in DC doing all the things we like best: eating and exploring!


Anonymous said...

Yay for the update! And yay for happy, busy lives! :)

Patricia said...

its ok - sometimes I can't remember my own name...and have to consult my credit card.

Jess said...

Wow! It sounds like you have been busy!! You guys will have to squeeze in a San Diego trip in there somewhere. How 'bout a Garfield CG reunion out here??

The Jimenez Family said...

I agree with Jess, you guys should come out to San Diego! Thanks for the update. Jose and I are excited to see you at New Attitude! It's crazy we've almost been married a year!