Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bedtime Stories

This reminds me of bedtime at the LoveNest. We've moved on from bedtime reading of Captain Underpants, Harry Potter, and Amelia Bedelia. (Andree's also been known to read me Bill O'Reilly and as the point is to help me fall asleep Bill works quite well.) Now when I can't sleep at night I ask my dear husband to tell me a story. I started noticing a pattern with his stories--Let's see if you can figure it out...

The first story was titled The Tool Story and was the dramatic story of a traditional Phillips head screwdriver who fears his owner will replace him in favor of a new Black&Decker electric screwdriver. Somehow these anthropomorphic tools become friends by the end of the story. It was a very happy ending.
Another night I was told the story of The Mediocres, a family of non-superheros living in a world where everyone else was a superhero. Somehow they saved the day when the world needed saving. (It was unclear why the entire population of superheros was incapacitated.)
Another bedtime story was Duracella about an extremely unkind young lady who has two beautiful and kind step-sisters. The story took place in Utah and at the end of the story the prince married both the step-sisters instead of Duracella.

Anyone get where my husband gets the inspiration for his stories?
I love him and his silly stories!
And on a completely unrelated note: Congratulations to our favorite Spicey Weisey for his astounding win in the "Shallow End of the Pool" NCAA bracket!! It's always the people who know nothing about college basketball that win. (At least that's what I keep hearing.) All I can say is that I beat my darling husband and even had my final four correct. Here's to next year when I pick my bracket by either the cuteness of each team's mascot or team colors! I think I'll do about as well.

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Jess said...

I definately think you all should move! Christina and are I recruiting from the east coast! There's a definate migration occuring...