Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February for the Klessmas Fam

February is a special time for our young family. Its a month full of special days and anniversaries that mark what God has done in our relationship. Becca and I have a lot of fun celebrating these days together. There are 4 of them:

-Feb 4th - We celebrate 8 months of marriage! (not really celebrated on a monthly basis, but February being a significant time for us, it gets noticed here)
-Feb 5th - On this day in 2005, Becca and I began the officially "courting." This was the day that Becca and I began talking specifically about the possibility of marriage. It began a 9 month period in which God brought us through to primarily learn about his goodness and which God knit our hearts together
-Feb 9th - February 9th, 2004 was the day that were "more than friends" or "super friends." We were not yet ready to begin the courtship process because of where we were (school, etc.), but we definitely knew we were no longer just friends. This was a year long season of "dating" each other's families, but not each other specifically. God taught us to wait patiently and yet enjoy what he had for us in our families and in our local church.
-Feb 14th - Valentine's Day! It is a special day in the world, but in light of God's grace to us in our young marriage, it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate romance. :-)

Becca has done a great job decorating our love nest...

Happy February!

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