Sunday, December 03, 2006

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

The first year of marriage has so many fun adventures packed into it! The adventure for today--one day before our six month anniversary--was choosing, setting-up, and decorating our first Christmas tree!

My darling hubby found the tree! and he's so strong he can carry it everywhere!

Two of our favorite people in the whole wide world: Mr. and Mrs. Nutter! We both enjoy spending our Sunday afternoons and evenings with them--Redkins time for Andree with Justin and Target/grocery shopping time for me with Erin!--and are so grateful for the friendship and fellowship God has provided through them. We're grateful for their super skillz help in picking the best kind of tree and securing it to the car.

So many wonderful prizes to be found at Target! Mom bought us these last year on the day after Christmas in a pre-wedding insane quest for white Christmas lights.

I'm not sure what Andree's favorite part of the tree is: the Redskins ornament he just received as his first Christmas gift or the package still sitting under the tree that he keeps shaking to try and guess what's inside. ;-)

This is my new friend and favorite ornament: my very own Pigwidgeon! He's very cute and special.

Our lovely tree!--You may not find this in the Macy's 5th Avenue window but we think it's beautiful!


Erin Toops said...

He looks great- very festive. I enjoyed our fun sunday time!

Kyle said...

I love the Redskins ornament!

Rachel said...

Awww.... happy newlywed memories! What a fun tree... and I love your little owl ornament, too!! :)

Seth and Janet said...

You get our first comment :)