Monday, June 26, 2006

we L-O-V-E our single friends!

We L-O-V-E!!! our single friends!!!
Last night we had some of our favorite people over for dinner: Officer Groveman, Matty-Matt, Ky-B, Drewbie-Chu, and Jeremy Thomas. It was great to spend some "SB" (aka serious business) time with our favorite young men eating healthy things, brownies, and watching a special TV show (The Mrs. has no comment on that show). We are so grateful that our single friends still desire to spend time with us and just "hang out" at our place. We can't wait for many more special Klessmas dinners... PS-After you left we prayed for your future wives. No joke. We're excited!

This is a very special note that now lives on our refridgerator. A very special person sent it to us. Her name starts with the same letter the state she lives in starts with and she's pretty Cool too. ;) --- That note is an example of another reason why we love our single friends! We are so grateful for the ways that they have taken time to specifically encourage and welcome us home since we got married. We are so grateful to know that they are eager to continue to share our life and excitement with us!

The label "single friends" is kind of dumb. Pretty much we love all our friends--duh! But we just wanted to specifically communicate to those of our friends who we are no longer in cg with or who we no longer live with how much we love and are grateful for you!! Our God is so gracious and generous to provide you as our friends and we look forward to watching His plan continue to unfold in all of our lives. We hope you know that even though we're married now and don't live in the center of G'burg that our door is still always open to you, our phone line works pretty consistently (though Andree refuses to list the phone number), and we are praying for you!

"[We] thank my God every time [we] remember you. In all [our] prayers for all of you, [we] always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."


Kyle said...

It was fun times! I'm grateful for you both and to be honest, It's cool hanging out with married couples because you sit at the throne of wisdom. Thanks for praying for my future wife, she's gunna need it :)

Cakes said...

I love you too! And am especially grateful for late night phone talks that are interrupted by up to the minute road closure updates ;)

married land is fun. can't wait to share in it with, but I am also so glad to be considered a "single" friend for the time being

dre said...

hey! i was telling my wife i would be home late cuz the road was closed...