Friday, June 30, 2006

Look-ey what we got!!!...

We got our wedding pictures back!! And here are just some of my favorites! [... and when I say these are some of my favorites I mean that more literally than I ever thought possible. Out of 988 pictures (wow!!!) I think I have at least 50 favorites! Thanks Jen and Mark!!!]

The bridesmaids having a special time of mouthwash before the ceremony. don't worry we used bibs to avoid any splatters on our gorgeous dresses.

Apparently Matty-Matt re-tied all of the boys' ties because he clearly had superior mad tie-tying skillz!

My dad and me. He's telling jokes... sigh. he's great.

Smooch!! (yea I fast forwarded through the ceremony... which was wonderful too.)

Leaving CLC. this picture is for the hubby. He loved that car! Maybe someday he'll get a new one!


Erin Toops said...

Very good pictures! So glad you are part of "the club".

Colleen Mercado said...

the picts look great! May God bless and surprise your marriage!

Laura said...

Love the pictures! You guys are too cute ;)