Friday, June 01, 2012

Month Five

How can we possibly have an almost six month old?! That's half of a year!! Oy. It's crazy to me but when my mind isn't wondering how that can be it's enjoying every minute of our fun little boy. At five months Behr hit a point of just being "fun." He is fun and he has fun. He really seems to just enjoy his little life. He laughs a lot, talks a lot, plays a lot, and is just overall a happy little dude. These pictures are some of the highlights of the last month of our growing little Behr.
my favorite things about him at this five months are: (1) when he rolls onto his side when he's falling asleep, (2) his little voice chattering away on the couch next to me or in the back seat of the car, and (3) how he talks in his sleep. oh my heart. those three things just melt me.

helping Dada pick crabs after a crab feast with Grandma and Grandpa Kless
when Behr gets tired he gets slap happy; these were at a baseball game that went into extra innings a few weeks ago; he went to sleep and took a long nap in the Ergo but when he woke up he was very silly!
last weekend we took a family trip to Ikea to look at couches. Behr thought the store was a party! he was giggling and chattering and patting (or trying to eat) everything within reach. I think the catalyst was this: our boy loves to spend time with his Dada. 
this is one of my favorite pictures right now and so perfectly captures our little guy at this stage. during a middle of the night diaper change the other night (in which he usually completely sleeps through) I looked up from grabbing a diaper and Behr had rolled onto his side--his favorite way to sleep right now--was snuggling his blankie, and of course, was half naked. if this kid could not wear pants all day he would be a happy boy all the time. such a boy. 

playing in his bed before nap time. of course half dressed again. a few weeks ago he pulled into a seated position in my lap and pretty much immediately decided he had figured out balancing to sit and it's his usual preferred position to play and hang out these days. I can't believe how "old" it makes him feel to have him sit alone, unsupported and play with his toys. he doesn't crawl yet but can scootch--unfortunately for him he usually scootches backwards. playtime usually looks like him sitting 'til he drops or throws his toy, flopping over  onto his stomach to reach it and then "accidentally" scootching farther and farther away from it and becoming very angry that his toy isn't near him anymore. it's a hard life being a little Behr sometimes.

the pool opened last weekend and, as we hoped, our little guy is in love with the pool. I don't know what Dada would have done if he wasn't. as soon as we walk onto the pool deck he starts bouncing and kicking his legs. he doesn't need to be gradually warmed up to the pool each time either; just plunked right in and he immediately starts splashing, kicking, and trying to get his face in the water. crazy kid. this sweet face was when he was taking a break from the pool and telling Mama about all the splashing that he was watching the big kids do.
going in to pick up this little bunch of cuddles in the morning couldn't be more of a joy. we love you Behr!!

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