Friday, August 13, 2010

day (1342) .flo. headed off for a quick trip with our "friend" ksnyd, and maybe we'll even shoot a wedding.

day (1345) .victoria. "you and me and..." lets stay out here all night to see the space... oh wait nm

day (1346) .shuttle. blast off for reals!!!!

day (1384) .kgretreat. it only took three years to put it together... can you make ALL the meals?

day (1428) .newplace. i loved living there with you for four of the sweetest years of my life. i'm sad too... how about i'll trade you the coolest apartment ever for the coolest meeps ever...

day (1466) .strasmas. i wept. you got vertigo. 14 Ks. whoa.

day (1497) .physical. this time YOU weep. cuz i passed. cuz you're amazing.

day (1531) .apple. last day at hopefully the 2nd to last job of my life... you've been by my side all these days... i love you.

well... what does day (1532+) hold for us? i guess we'll see....


Janet said...

I think you forgot day #1530 and what happened in the parking lot of Montgomery Mall.

Becca said...

at least we'll always know what day it was ;-)