Friday, June 04, 2010

(1461) days of marriage

day (1) .nerves. i could barely eat my meatball sub from jerry’s that afternoon. imagine that. me. not eating. but 10 hours later i took you home. forever.

day (170) .yummydinnerimade. i’m so sad you can’t eat that anymore. i also bought a pumpkin.

day (223) .iquitmyjob. not the pinnacle of leadership. or communication. hey... God blessed it anyways?

day (355) .escape. we start driving to Na with our day old new car. haha.

day (365) .beaconhotel. a dc tradition begins. lets do that forever

day (402) .kg. now that we have a year under our belts let’s have a bunch of crazy teens in our little place every tuesday night

day (408) .obx. welcome to vacations with my fam.

to be continued...

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