Monday, June 07, 2010

(1461) days of marriage... cont... cont...

day (765) .atsat. i take a big test. how ‘bout i fly up to long island and back on the same day. i can’t believe its been two years!

day (819) .crabs. someone (me and doc?) come up with the great idea to tailgate with crabs. pretty much the best idea ever. especially the smelling like crabs all day part.

day (847) .philly. double date weekend with a fav couple. their fans are worst. please don’t tell me the score of skins-cowgirls.

day (862) .tri. def a major milestone. i missed seeing you during the bike. but seeing how excited you were while i was running pushed me to finish. could you drive home?

day (970) .nhi. first overnight by mysefl at nih felt eerily similar to some happenings early on in our relationship... i don’t want to do that anymore

day (1010) .gettysburg. because i can’t do personal retreats on my own, i was wondering if you could come up and spend the night with me? i’ll do the grillin’

day (1020) .greensboro. i think we’re sensing a theme here. we really like spending time with a certain family. let’s see 4 basketball games in one day with them. do you see mr. tony?

to be continued...

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