Thursday, February 11, 2010

Florida Anniversary Trip

Well really we went to Florida for a wedding that Dre was second-shooting with the one and only Kristen Leigh. Buuuut then the snowpocalypse came to Maryland we couldn't get home. We left Thursday morning and arrived home today, a full week later. (We really, really tried. Four separate flights were cancelled. Thankfully we didn't wind up on one of the flights that left Orlando and got stuck in Midway. Because of the sweet deals we got on a hotel, car, and flights the initial trip was essentially "free" for us and because we were expecting to leave every day our costs remained much smaller than they probably would have been if we had planned to be in Florida for week. And because of the snow at home Dre only missed an unplanned 6-hours of work which, considering we were gone so long is impressive.) Whew! What an adventure. Because it was an unexpectedly long trip I didn't bring my computer and had a blissful full week away from my laptop. For the first time in a long time I went nearly 7 days without work or email (other than a few things I could do on my phone and 4 hours of email at Panera one afternoon). It was so relaxing!

We had a blast with our "new friend" Kristen too. Dre kept declaring how we were actually friends now since we had been snowed out of Maryland together and spent a full week together without killing each other. He's a funny boy. We went to the movies, saw the last nighttime launch of a space shuttle (the Endeavour), went to Disney's Epcot and toured the world, spent a day at the beach in the sun (though huddled under blankets by the time the sun was setting), and did the general sleeping, eating, and talking that comes with most vacations.

On our unexpectedly long trip we wound up spending our 6-year anniversary of being an "us." My love bought me roses (which wound up living out their life cycle in our hotel with a blender as a vase) and surprised me with coffee to celebrate. I love him so very much and the unexpected full seven days with the love of my life was the best part of the whole trip! I don't know when the last time we've spent that long with each other without interruptions for work or anything else has been.

Sail away with me honey
I put my heart in your hands
Sail away with me
What will be will be
I wanna hold you now

Taken from my journal on February 8th 2004 (the night before we began): "Where did this boy come from and where in the world did he learn to make me speechless? I think he's the only one who has ever made me feel as uncertain yet... confident about anything." I'm certainly more in love with you today than I was 6-years ago my dear yet still feel the same way: you make me speechless. I cannot wait to continue to enjoy the adventure of being married to you and sharing life together continue! Loveyoumuchmostbeautifuldarling.

Photo by Kristen. Everyone should take a professional photographer on their anniversary trip. You get a fresh batch of cute pics just from hanging out together. ;-)


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Yay! And glad you made it home safe.

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