Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anniversary Good Times

How is that our anniversary was already two weeks ago? Cr-azy times; this year is flying by so fast!! We were blessed by a night away at our (or at least my) all time favorite hotel brand in the world for our anniversary. I can't describe how unbelievable it is to the recipient of the care and love of our friends even anonymously it's mind-blowing. To whoever you are, thank you!!

Andree, to bless me, surprised me with an extra night at the hotel so we headed out for a special two-days together on Thursday morning. Our first adventure was heading over to explore Leesburg/Warrenton area of Virginia. We then had a yummy lunch at Wegman's and headed into DC. After checking in and a short lie down we headed out into the rain to the Nats game. For the third year in a row we spent our anniversary at Nats Park (well year one was RFK). It's one of the few games we got to 'just us' and is probably my favorite game of the year no matter the outcome or the weather. This year we got to see almost two games as we came late to a double-header.

Rainy night in NatsTown but we had fun. :-)

The next day we slept in (probably the first time we'd slept in together in weeks with Andree's new work schedule) and had a lazy morning with quiet times together, Martha Stewart on TV, and coffee and treats from the Dunkin Donuts across the street. It was pretty wet out so we took a short walk around the neighborhood and did some window shopping, got Chipotle, and went back to the hotel for naps.
The adventure for that evening was seeing Up! at the Regal theater a few blocks away. The short was my favorite part of the movie. Dre loves Pixar and loved the movie. I can't wait to have little ones to watch that movie with again because it really was such a sweet story. ("I was hiding under your porch because I looove you!") After the movie we went to Gordon Bierch for a late dinner and perhaps for the first time ordered the same thing. And both licked our plates clean!
Puppa Bear outside the hotel waiting for our car. The location of this one is amazing. Within less than a block of the Verizon Center, the National Portrait Gallery, and plenty of places to eat.

It was so hard to go back to real life after such a relaxing and sweet time just being together uninterrupted. Life has been very busy lately and my husband truly gave me the best gift I could ask for as an anniversary present: him and his time and attention for 48 hours. I am so blessed to be Andree's wife and to count him as my best friend; I never tire of spending time with him.

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