Friday, October 24, 2008

I Miss My Seester

I dunno why but I feel like it's the younger sister's job to miss the older one but I'm happily admitting that I miss my little sister today. I dunno why, just do. Right now I'm drinking raspberry tea out of a mug that mysteriously showed up on my doorstep one weekend when Stinky was in town. It's different tea than we used to drink out of our special bunny mugs at home but it makes me think of her.
(I also made homemade applesauce that Girlie really likes.)

Stink, I'm glad God gave me a little sister, even if I wasn't when Mom and Dad first brought you home. (I wanted her to be returned so I could have a brother like Courtney, Tiffany, and Caitlin.) I'm grateful you always seemed to think I was cool and did whatever I wanted or were willing to be conned into being the "tagger" so Dom and I could hide because you were the best at it. ;-) Thanks for putting up with tricks and big sister snubbing and loving me anyway. I'm glad you always seem to accept the nicknames I would give you and would defend me to Mom and Dad insisting I wasn't being unkind. (Only you could understand how loving "chicken" and "stinkia" really were meant to be.) Thanks for being my biggest fan so much of the time and including me in your life. Even when you talk a lot (:-P) I'm so grateful to hear you talk and that you would want to talk to me about the big and little things in your life. I love that even though we're sisters our lives aren't mirror images or cookie cutters of one another. I'm so grateful for the consistent desire in your heart to please God and bless others with the way you live. Thank you for always wrestling with truth and with how to walk it out. I'm grateful for your example even now, just like I've always been.
I love you kiddo.--See you soon? You can come over for tea. :-) And Dre's been asking for pie almost every day and I don't know how to make one so I need help from a whiz...


Cynth said...

Bec, you have no idea how much I needed this. =) Thank you! I miss you too! Which is a good enough excuse for you two to come up with us for T-giving, k? :-) See you in somewhere around 30 days unless you think you should come visit which I fully support. Love ya!

Elaine said...

You girls are such a blessing to me! I read this post at work and it made me cry. ;-) I can't wait until you two have daughters of your own and can understand what a joy it is to have daughters who love the Lord and who are friends with each other and with their mom. You are the best daughters ever! Love you more than life, M