Tuesday, May 06, 2008

In the last few weeks we've given away a dozen Little Dronkies to good homes. Dronkador, Dronkeisha, Dronkey Junior, and on and on, are all happy with their new families. We're glad they're being so well loved and taken care of. (Dronkey is really happy to not be responsible for over a dozen Little Dronkies while Puppa is away at work during the day.) I think Dronkelina found the best new home: she now lives within walking distance to Rita's and gets to hangout with the sweetest little girl, Blankie, Duckie, and Floppy all day long: Peter's Blog.
(pc: Peter Bang)


Peter Bang said...

oh, she loves dronkelina. she come with my girly everywhere now. and we have a little opening in the head rest of our car and we stick dronkelina in there for car rides. my girly says that's her car seat.

tessa said...

dronkey is out of control. where did these 12 come from? is he even married? you might challenge this bachelor creature to stop reproducing ;)