Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dronkey Meets His Cousin: Baby Jack

(Well maybe not technically his cousin (that's wrong on so many levels) but still his friend?)

Our dear friends Bryant and Tiffany are officially our first "parent friends." (By that I mean the first of our friends who we watched get engaged, married, and now have a baby. We have many wonderful friends that we love who have kiddies.)
On Friday, October 12 at 5:20pm Little Big Baby Jack was born at a whopping 9 lbs 4 oz. Tiff was a joyful little mommy-to-be throughout the extra week of pregnancy and labor. The text messages and pictures from Bryant made for an exciting birth-day for those of us on the "sidelines." It's been exciting and encouraging to watch these two prepare for the baby and begin their lives as parents with faith and confidence in God's sovereignty and goodness to them. We're so excited to get to watch and learn from them.

Clearly the birth of a child to some of our closest friends required a visit from Dronkey. These are two of my favorite pictures from his visit.
Dronkey giving kisses to Jack. He was quite talkative and affectionate Sunday night. Bry and Tiff got a real treat. He later complained that swinging on Jack's swing with him made him nauseous but I think he was just jealous of all the attention Baby Jack got. (Oh yes, I'm referring to Dronkey.)
This is when Jack had had about enough of Dronkey... but really I think it was more that he was really ready to be with Mommy and have some dinner. He had a very busy Sunday.

Our attachment to Dronkey leads many people to tell us "you guys need to have a baby!" And it's true, in part. We can't wait to have little ones to play with and take care of. Dronkey is a special part of our marriage this year and probably will reside on our bed or in our room for many years to come. (Reminds me of a stuffed Panda that lives (?) on Margaret and Kevin's bed, Mom.) He's a great tool for posting pictures because really, how many pictures of Andree and I at a Nats game or holding a baby do you really want to see? But throw a cute, friendly Dronkey in there and it adds interest.--He's pretty much our mascot and the mascot for our Singles CG. Don't know how Kless Group would've gotten through Ligonier's Bible Knowledge Test without him. :-P
But anyways, babies will come in God's time and not in a million years as it sometimes feels like for us. We can't wait to have Big Baby Jack over to meet his new "cousin" some day. We love knowing that this little boy will be in many pictures on our blog in the years to come. God is so good to provide us with friends to walk through life with. We love you guys!
PS--Check out the other big news in the Klessmas home: Stud Muffin got glasses. Isn't he hoit? Andree loves being able to see the leaves, read road signs before he's passed them, and watch baseball/football without wearing my glasses.


Jess said...

There's something about those glasses that reminds me of Drew! =)

Lydia said...

oh my gosh...the bible test...