Sunday, September 23, 2007

Good-bye RFK from 'The Dronks'

Hello Dronkey here again! Today I went to the last Washington Nationals game at RFK Stadium with my Puppa and Mommy. Mommy's parents, the Mays', the Tirens, and 'Aunt Connie' were there too. It was a fun fun day!
My daddy told me (lots of times!) that the RFK stadium was made for a old baseball team called the Senators a long time before I was born. I saw some of those people today. They were old people but looked happy. (I think seeing them probably made Doc Mays happy.) They went away and then a couple years ago the Nats came!! And now the Nats are getting a new stadium so they don't want to play at RFK anymore.

This is me watching the game from the high up seats. I moved down later to watch the game with 'Aunt Connie.' I like her a lot. Especially because I just met her today. I think she gets me. ;-) You can almost see the cool t-shirt Mommy made for me today. I forgot to get my picture taken of me with my cool shirt. ('Aunt Jean' do you have one?)

This is the picture I've been waiting all season for: It's me and Teddy Roosevelt! The President of the United States of America! He's famous. I heard everyone say his name really loudly today. Everyone says he's a loser but I just think he's silly.

This is one of Mommy and Daddy's favorite players. His name is Wily Mo Pena. He didn't play last night and Mommy thinks we could have definitely used his hitting. (Did you catch that? Thanks to Doc Mays, Mommy and Daddy went to 2 Nationals games this weekend. In fact they were at RFK twice in less than 12 hours!!)

At the end of the game they did lots of special things to celebrate the end of the use of RFK for baseball games. Screech jumped off the roof of the stadium! I'm glad he didn't die.

This last one is for the Mays'. We saw a license plate for you on the way home. Too bad it's already taken. It was pretty creative.

The End.

Hooray for the Nationals and their win today! Thanks to Doc (and Mrs. and girls) Mays for sharing so many games with us and being friends with Dronkey. Can't wait 'til next season!

PS--Mommy said I need to tell everyone that Puppa is all better now. If you heard that he having some "complications" (something called 'Dry Socket') and had to have three 'emergency' appointments this week after his teeth came out... but it's all better now. I gave him lots of snuggles and spent lots of time helping Mommy take care of him. I also gave him lots of milkshakes.


Seth and Janet said...

i love you guys. and dronkey too. maybe the next time we go out for special pei wei adventures dronkey can come too?

Jean said...

dronkey, it was so great to finally meet you! your pictures are up - go take a look.

(man, I want that license plate!)

aunt jean

Anonymous said...

Dronkey- you are famous! This is my first time meeting Teddy too - now we can be bff's! Aunt Connie