Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our Fearless Leader

Andrew... Drew... Drewbie... Young Drew... Snudge... Cuddle Monster?

We're so grateful to be here at NA and even more excited to be serving under our favorite Drewbiechew this week. Andree's first memories of New Attitude partially center around Drew and the way he encouraged the young men in his singles care group to reach out and welcome Andree into their midst. (Even when his snoring kept them up all night.) Drew was our first and only singles care group leader as we were blessed to be remain in his group throughout many changes. He was Andree's roommate at "The Pad" and was always an encouraging friend as well as a wise counselor for the year+ that they lived together. [One of my favorite stories from when they were roommates is when, during a particularly difficult season in our courtship, Andree and Drew were talking through some of what was going on in the morning as they woke up and Andree wound up crying in Drew's bed next to him. What a brother!] Drew has affected our lives as individuals and as a couple as we benefited from his friendship and input over the last few years.

It's amazing to watch the way that God has blessed Drew with gifts in creating "environments" such as "The Neighorborhood" at NA. "The Neighborhood" is the SGM created hangout spot for the conference attendees. It includes a small art show, the bookstore, a "chill area" and a spot to sit, eat, and fellowship. Drew worked hard to take a huge convention center room and transform it into a well-laid out space that makes people comfortable and suits the many needs of those coming to visit it. From designing the bookstore shelves and walls, helping hang art, and folding t-shirts Drew has been all over it. It's awesome!

As members of his bookstore team we're particularly blessed to be overseen by Drew. His clear direction, faithful biblical encouragement that spurs us on to serve joyfully and eagerly, and his attention to detail make it a joy to serve under him. As former care group members we're so impressed by all the ways he has grown--and so encouraged to see the way that God is using him.

We love you buddy! Thanks for being a faithful man of God! We cannot wait to see God continue to bless you--and we trust that He has many good things for you in the days, weeks, months and years ahead!
"I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy..." (Philippians 1)


Jess said...

I miss Drew!! We need to have a CG reunion in San Diego!

Jess said...
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