Thursday, May 31, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We're home! We had a great trip home with Jan and Seth in the new car complete with a special trip to Cracker Barrel. Arriving home has never felt sweeter!

Now we're packing up and getting ready to celebrate our anniversary in DC this weekend. God blessed us with a sweet time in Na and we came home more in love with our Savior and each other. We anticipate our anniversary will be a joyous time together!--After a weekend filled with tons of people we're looking forward to some special time that's "just us." ;-)

Here are a few last pictures from Na to entertain you...

This one's for the Bang crew: Check out our favorite Ninjas! Aren't they cute? :-)

Bookstore girls unite!--Not pictured JanJan and Nora. We had rockin' good times with everyone on the team. Unicorns and squirrels not excluded.

These pictures aren't very good cuz the lighting didn't exactly lend itself to taking great pictures with our camera. However, from these pictures you can see the amazing sales the Na bookstore experienced this year. We sold out of almost everything! We literally packed up and sent home only three boxes of leftover books and audio. It was remarkable.--We hope the people who bought the materials are well fed by the resources they purchased.

BEFORE the bookstore opened on Friday night:
AFTER the exact same wall during the last bookstore shift on Monday night:

And finally, one of our favorite items to recommend and ring up at the registers:
Asleep in a Storm is SGM's newest cd and their first "remix" cd. It also happens to have been produced by the one and only (literally, one. and. only.) Jeremy Thomas White which makes us all the more excited about it! These cd's literally flew off the shelf: we had 559 when we opened up the bookstore on Friday night and were completely sold out by 11:15 Sunday night. We're praying God continues to open doors for Jeremy to use his gifts and that this is a launching point for more projects in the days to come. Bo, we're so proud of you and grateful for all that God has done in your life this past year. We hope (and are confident) that the month of May 2007 is far more memorable than June 2006 was. ;-) Praying for you!!!

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