Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Busy Month

Finally an update. :-)

It's been a busy month! Lots of special memories but here are the big highlights of the last few weeks:
12/24 We spent Christmas Eve with the Kless family attending church services together, eating a delicious ham (and mustard!), and opening gifts.
12/25 Bright and early on Christmas morning we flew to NY to be with the Price family (and extended family) on Christmas morning. (Thanks Gabe for waking up for us!)
12/26 The next day we continued our special tradition of going into NYC on the day after Christmas. This year we saw a movie in Times Square instead of a Broadway show. (Last year Andree gave Becca tickets to see Beauty & the Beast on Broadway as a combined birthday/Christmas gift.)
12/31 It was a short work week after we returned home and New Years came with more days off. We met up with the Kless family for Chinese food and then later counted out the last few seconds of 2006 with our favorite Nutters.
1/5-6 The following weekend Becca went away with "the girls" for Janet's last girl weekend as a single in Atlantic City. They made special memories (including Becca driving Andree's dear car and scratching it against a wall at the end of the trip!) while Andree hosted a boys' night in Clarksburg with a special guys only menu of hot dogs soaked in canned chili.
1/20-21 This past weekend we celebrated with some dear friends the now-Mr. and Mrs. Sethasaurous and watched them get married. Andree did far more than simply watch as he coordinated the ceremony and reception at CLC and made sure everything went smoothly and translated all of Jan and Seth's planning into a day they will remember forever. Andree busted out some mad skills... and then spent the next day recovering with his brand new Wii!

That pretty much catches you up to where we are now! We're looking forward to a slightly quieter few weeks as the holidays and much anticipated wedding are over now. It's been nice to be busy but it's also nice to chillaxin' together at home on a more regular schedule.


Ruth said...

I love how your post sounds so formal and sophisticated and then you throw in words like "chilaxin'". Awww, I love you guys!

Jess said...

You can have my roast leftovers on the condition of flying out here for breakfast tomorrow!
Jess A. =)

tk said...

Hey there! I just wanted to thank you for your post on my blog! I also wanted you to know that I think your blog is one of the best!

TK :)