Friday, September 22, 2006

Monster Crickets

I have my first "complaint" about my sweet love nest: monster crickets.

I don't particularly care for bugs. Not such a fan of them but I'm glad they do good things... like help make flowers?
I think they know I don't like them because nine times out of ten I'm the one who is the first to spot them. My dear husband is very good at catching and killing bugs. I think God gifted him especially for taking care of me by giving him that skill. However my hubby goes to work and then I am left alone with the monsters.

The other day a jumbo cricket--I mean this thing really was huge--thought it would be fun to play with me. First he hopped over to the floor next to me and kinda looked at me. I stomped my feet and he ran away. (I'm not fast enough or coordinated to catch crickets. They jump on me and I scream and that's unnessasary.) Next thing I know the guy (the cricket) was on top of the coffee table. Just chillin. Like normal crickets do that all the time. He walked around. Looked at my pretty roses and then jumped down. I don't know where he went after that. I left the house for a meeting with Chris and haven't seen him since. I am not pleased that he is not showing himself but at the same time perfectly ok with that as long as he doesn't show up testing out the kitchen table or the bed. I'm planning to bring home the next toad I find on a walk with Andree and let him run around and eat all the bugs. Hubby wants a dog and I want a toad to eat bugs. We're special kids.

So that's my story of life this week. Monster crickets want to eat me... or maybe they just like the roses hubbykins got me and wanted a closer look.


The Murphys said...

i'm TELLING you. those things are diabolical. because the weather is getting colder, they all want to move in with us! i do have a solution to the problem, however: get a dog. i'm not kidding. Lady kills them with one swat of her paw. sometimes she even eats them so i don't have to pick them up.

Diana said...

I have a lizard that eats crickets. But he's slow and lazy and can't get 'em on his own, so I have to break their legs so he can eat them and I'm pretty sure that's cruel but I can't help if he's hungee. :(

Michelle said...

You want our baby beefcake?? :O) I totally agree with you crickets are sick... but you know what? Sprickets are worse (spider crickets) or "cave crickets" just thank God you don't have those! Blah!

Renee said...

Hey fellow basement dweller! (Don't you guys live in a basement, too?) We have monster crickets as well! Gene is also very good at catching those pesky little things. He can catch them with a quick swipe of his talented! I was doing ok with them, until I found one in our bedroom one day and thought about how easy it would be for one to hop on up into our bed. Ewww! One solution that works for me: If you can, try to catch the cricket in a cup and then place "Bible Doctrine" on top of it until your hubby gets home. He can't hop out of that one! And...maybe it will send a message to his other cricket friends. :)