Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kless Family Travels

So it’s been quite a while since we last posted about our young married life together. It’s not because we haven’t wanted to. We’ve been so busy, it has just been impossible to do so. Now, I know everybody's excuse for not posting is that they’ve been busy, but we can prove it.

List of places we’ve been, things we’ve done and people we’ve seen in the last three weeks:

- We went to Rehoboth, DE to enjoy the beach with Ky-B, Jan, Sethy-Setherton, Jess-a-rooni, and Rachel Pucks. It was fun having dinner with The Nutters who were in town on their anniversary trip.

- The next weekend we flew to Phoenix with Jan and Seth. Becca loves it there (including Del Taco!).

THEN the next day we drove to San Diego with our favorite Adam and Jessica. Complete with a stop in Gila Bend where $15.00 buddahs live.

Together ’06 from UCSD in La Jolla. BTW, the messages are at We had fun having Del Mar beach adventures with an extremely available Jordan Shank and going to IN-N-OUT Burger with a not so available Carly-Carlson. Having fun with Jeremy is always a good reason to make a trip out to the left coast. We even got to room with the new Jimenez famiy!

- We BOTH started new jobs the morning after we got back. Becca began her new position as administrative aide to Chris Silard and the Sovereign Grace church plant in Frederick. God has already been blessing her in this new position. I began working and training at 1st Metropolitan Mortgage (On the same street that Jan, Ky, Jess and Erin work on! Melinda is in my office too!). God is definitely blessing Becca and I as I begin working long hours and studying 3/1 LIBOR ARMs like no one’s business. I have an awesome opportunity to glorify God in the marketplace and be light in the darkness of the worship of worldly success.

- Last weekend we had an opportunity to bless Becca’s cousin Rachel and her husband-to-be by going up to Long Island to have Becca attend her bridal shower at Grandma and Grandpa Garrison’s house.

- On “the way home” from Long Island, we took Cynthia to Camp Woodsmoke at Kingswood camp grounds in Hancock, NY, where she will be camp counseling middle schoolers for 2 weeks. It was fun getting to see where Becca and Cynthia spent their childhood summers. I think we’ll come back to actually camp someday, but don’t hold your breath until then…

- Of course we were nearby Oneonta, NY, meaning… National Soccer Hall of Fame! Becca and I had a good time learning about the American history of my wife’s favorite sport.

So I think you can excuse us for not posting in a little while… :-)

--posted by the Puppa Bear


janners said...

yay for kless family updates. it really was about time! i wish we could go out west again together and stay for longer! :)

Anonymous said...

You were in Oneonta? My late great aunt lived there, and my great-uncle still lives there; he even owns part of a mountain up there. I spent a week out of every summer there as a kid! You should have seen the Hamburger Hall of Fame, or the Baseball Hall of Fame too. I'm jealous you got to go, I haven't been for a while. :)

Glad to see the newlyweds have been keeping busy and having fun!

Love you lots,

Laura said...

Wow..I bet it's hard to get back to reality after an action packed summer like that! I am glad you guys had happy travels was nice to see some fun pictures from your trip;)

AZpoolside said...

Ah, yes, it is fun to see new updates...come and stay longer in AZ ;-) Pool temp is around 90. Hugs at ya!